Colorado Climate Preparedness Project Adaptation Database

The Colorado Climate Preparedness Project (CCPP) was initiated to to assist Colorado in continuing to prepare itself for climate variability and change by providing a catalog of climate vulnerabilities and current adaptation activities in the state. The project focuses on five key sectors that were identified by the state advisory team as particularly sensitive to the impacts of climate variability and change including: Water; Wildlife, ecosystems and forests; Electricity; Agriculture; and Climate-sensitive tourism and outdoor recreation.  The CCPP deliverables include this publicly searchable database and a final report. (For more information, please see the additional entry for the CCPP Final Report in this clearinghouse.)

The database, is a searchable collection of resources relevant to state-level adaptation planning efforts, including groups and individuals actively engaged in climate adaptation work in Colorado. It contains four linked sections: Organizations, People, Projects, and Products. The project team has populated the database with information from an extensive interview process and relevant documents.

The database contains a wiki component that will allow registered users - individuals who have already been entered in the “People” section of the database and who choose to take advantage of the wiki’s full functionality - to edit existing content and add new content. Such users can add new products, projects, or organizations linked to their entry in the “People” section, as well as highlight and comment on other elements throughout the site.  A User Guide is available on the website, and is included in the CCPP Final Report as well.

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