Colorado Resiliency Framework

Developed by the Colorado Resiliency and Recovery Office, the Colorado Resiliency Framework identifies strategies to strengthen and increase resiliency to hazards throughout Colorado, providing guiding principles and tools for community stakeholders. The report describes the risk and vulnerabilities faced by the State, adaptive strategies and monitoring metrics for six key resiliency sectors and cross-sectoral strategies identified to be implemented at the State level.

The results of the Risk and Vulnerability assessment are outlined including further analysis of impacts from acute shocks and chronic stresses. The Framework is designed to address resiliency for all hazards, whether natural or man-made, including disease, economic recession, power outages, industrial accidents, and terrorism, which are all described as potential hazards for Colorado.

The Colorado Resiliency Working Group (CRWG) was formed for the Framework to better coordinate recovery and resiliency planning among 27 federal, state, local government agencies, and non-governmental organizations. CRWG served as a steering committee for the Framework development process, and organized committees around six core resiliency sectors:

  • Community
  • Economic
  • Health and Social
  • Housing
  • Infrastructure
  • Watersheds and Natural Resources

Impacts from acute shocks and chronic stresses are described within each sector.  Broad goals and comprehensive resiliency strategies are detailed for each focal area. The CRWG aimed to bring the six resiliency planning sectors together as an integrated framework, which also offers many cross-sectoral strategies. 

Section 5.3 “Taking Action” outlines the actions to be initiated by the Resiliency and Recovery office within the first year following the adoption of the Framework, and includes indicators of success. It also provides some guidance on what communities can do at the local level to integrate resiliency into every day practice.





Publication Date: May 28, 2015

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