Community-Based Conservation in Tucson’s Rincon Heights Neighborhood

A Community-Based Conservation green infrastructure program was implemented in Tucson, Arizona’s Rincon Heights neighborhood by the Watershed Management Group (WMG) and the Rincon Heights Neighborhood Association (RHNA). 

The linked article about this project aims to showcase the successful partnership between WMG and RHNA, detailing the community-wide best practices that resulted from the collaboration. The partnership began in 2007 when RHNA contacted WMG to assist in the neighborhood’s tree planting efforts. The partnership expanded to include organizing public educational workshops to install stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) such as bio-retention basins, berms, curb cuts, and infiltrating trenches. 

The article provides users with Best Practices that the WMG and RHNA have recognized through their partnership including: empowering the community through community outreach initiatives, making GI education and tools available to everyone in the community, and scaling GI in order to excel in a neighborhood setting.

The green infrastructure implemented integrates stormwater management, water conservation, livability and beautification goals for the neighborhood. The installed stormwater practices remove pollutants, reduce flooding and provide water for native plantings without creating a long-term need for additional irrigation. The plantings in turn shade neighborhood streets and sidewalks, mitigate the urban heat island effect, calm traffic by reducing perceived (and actual, in the case of vegetated chicanes) street width, and beautify the streetscape. 


The Watershed Management Group prepared this article, and includes information regarding other community based conservations projects that WMG has spearheaded locally as well as internationally.




Publication Date: December 2009

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