Community Resource Inventory - South Carolina

A community resource inventory is an online mapping atlas of the natural and cultural resources in a community, along with human dimensions information. The human dimensions information includes land parcels, urban areas, and streets and highways. For South Carolina, the Community Resource Inventory-South Carolina (CRI-SC) tool presents these data in an online map for users without traditional geographic information system capabilities. Having a detailed set of inventory maps can assist those who are interested in planning for the effects of sea-level rise in South Carolina. The CRI­‐SC tool presents a list of resources as a detailed set of inventory maps. The data includes natural assets, demographic and planning information, as well as the placement of land parcels, urban areas, roads and waterways in South Carolina's coastal regions. This initial version of the CRI-SC is a pilot program being tested for Georgetown County, with a goal for expansion to include all South Carolina coastal counties.

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