Connecticut Executive Order No. 66: State Water Plan (and State Water supply as Public Trust)

Connecticut Governor Malloy’s executive order directs the state’s Water Planning Council (WPC) to immediately implement the State Water Plan - that was submitted to the Connecticut General Assembly in January 2018. The EO recommits to the definition of water as a public trust – a declaration of public policy that has been in the state statute for more than 40 years. A Public Trust is essentially a policy that recognizes the public’s inherent right to water, among many other rights. The order acknowledges the importance of protecting water quantity and quality in the face of a changing climate.

The EO states that “Connecticut cannot afford inaction on the State Water Plan that protects water quantity and quality for all of its current and future uses at at time when regulations, climate, and economic conditions are changing.”

In addition to implementing the State Water Plan, the executive order takes the following actions:

  • Directs the WPC to coordinate and work with the advisory group established pursuant to Section 25-33o(c) to help implement the State Water Plan.
  • Orders the WPC to resubmit the State Water Plan to the General Assembly for its review and approval by December 1.

The WPC is comprised of representatives four agencies: the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the Department of Public Health, the Office of Policy and Management and Public Utilities Regulatory Authority.



Publication Date: June 14, 2018

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