Connecticut Public Act 14-163: An Act Concerning the Responsibilities of the Water Planning Council

Connecticut Public Act 14-163 directs the Connecticut Water Planning Council to engage in a three year process for writing a comprehensive statewide water plan for the management of water resources in the state. This plan will identify quantities and qualities of water available, present and projected demands for water resources, appropriate regions in the state for comprehensive water planning, and will establish guidelines and incentives for consumer water conservation, taking into account energy efficiency. The State Water Plan will then be submitted no later than July 1, 2017 to the General Assembly for vetting and passage.

One requirement of the Water Plan is to recommend steps to increase the climate resiliency of existing water resources and infrastructure.

Some other provisions of the Act as related to climate adaptation include requiring the Council to: inform residents of the state about the importance of water resource stewardship and conservation; establish conservation guidelines and incentives for consumer water conservation with due consideration for energy efficiency; develop a water reuse policy with incentives for matching the quality of the water to the use; and to take into account the ecological, environmental, public health and safety, and economic impact that implementation of the state water plan will have on the state.

Publication Date: July 1, 2014

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