Cool Roofs and Cool Pavements Toolkit

From the Global Cool Cities Alliance, this toolkit provides online access to a comprehensive set of resources for initiating cool roof and pavement programs.  Cool, reflective roofs and pavements are readily available, pay back beyond their investment, and help cities both mitigate and adapt to climate change while making them more desirable and comfortable places to live. Replacing roofs and pavements with more reflective materials also helps to reverse the 'urban heat island effect.' 

Available within the toolkit, and a good starting point on the site for general information, is the 'Knowledge Base' portal, a repository for cool surface and urban heat island information. The Knowledge Base is a user-friendly tool to find research, program materials, sample documents, presentations, case studies, codes and standards, videos, images and other relevant items from around the world.

The 'Practical Guide to Cool Roofs and Cool Pavements', central to the toolkit, introduces how cool roofs and pavements work, and their benefits in detail. The guide was developed for a range of audiences, some of the information provided being fairly technical and will be most useful to building operators, facilities managers, transportation engineers, developers, and roofing contractors. The guide is designed with city leaders and policymakers in mind also, focusing on decision tools, city wide costs and benefits, and case studies. Specifics on choosing materials and installation considerations are provided, along with maintenance and related economics information over the lifetime of the materials utilized. The 'Foundational Activities,' section describe the basic requirements to launching successful cool roof and pavement programs, and the 'Implementation Activities' describe policies and programs that have been field tested around the world and shown to be effective at deploying cool surfaces.

Publication Date: January 2012

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