Ecosystem Assessment and Reporting Tool

The Ecosystem Assessment and Reporting (EAR) Tool provides standard ecoregional status measures in a GIS-based tool to integrate data across the Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network Thematic Networks (TN). This tool seeks to maximize the information available in the Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network Ecosystems and Protected Areas TNs, by providing conservation decision makers products for assessing the extent of ecosystems under effective conservation, offering direction on where to work and what actions may be needed to improve biodiversity conservation.

The EAR tool has been designed around the Nature Conservancy's approach for calculating "Effective Conservation" -  a way of measuring progress towards achieving established conservation goals for ecosystems

While methods may vary on how to calculate an ecosystem’s viability, threat status, and management needs, the design of the EAR tool provides a common framework for conservation decision makers to obtain direction on where to implement critical management actions.

The EAR Tool is in the public domain and free to use.









Publication Date: August 9, 2012

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