EPA 2016 Workplan: National Water Program Response to Climate Change

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Water Program Workplan describes the actions that the National Water Program was planning to take in 2016 to implement the National Water Program 2012 Strategy: Response to Climate ChangeThe 2012 Strategy describes long-term goals for the EPA’s management of sustainable water resources under the impacts of climate change. The EPA states that the Workplan is intended to be a roadmap to guide program planning and inform decision-makers during the Agency’s planning and budgeting process.

The five long-term programmatic “vision areas” described in the 2012 Strategy provide the framework for this Workplan:

1. Water infrastructure

2. Watersheds and wetlands

3. Coastal and ocean waters

4. Water quality

5. Working with Tribes

The Workplan includes a brief summary of the 19 goals and 53 related actions described in the 2012 Strategy that support each of these five vision areas. The implementation actions are delineated as national or by region when applicable (designated for each of the EPA’s 10 regions of the U.S.)

For example, Goal 4 is to Incorporate climate resilience into watershed restoration and floodplain management. 2016 Implementation Actions for this goal are given for the National Program and the Regional Program:

The National Water Program: will work with water programs and other EPA programs as the Agency implements the newly established Flood Risk Management Standard. This work will include review of interagency implementing guidelines for the Standard and application of the Standard to water programs as appropriate.

The Regional Program in Region 1 will work with the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources and a community (probably Colchester, Vermont) to pilot flood resilience checklist and consider ways to connect wetland restoration and flood protection for climate resilience.


Appendix 3 - EPA Regional Water Programs: 2016 Climate Change Innovations summarizes the water programs in EPA’s 10 regions that are implementing innovative programs and policies for climate change adaptation that respond to the specific challenges in that region.


Publication Date: April 2016

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