EPA: Enhancing Sustainable Communities With Green Infrastructure Guide

This report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is subtitled A Guide to Help Communities Better Manage Stormwater While Achieving Other Environmental, Public Health, Social and Economic Benefits. The report summarizes green infrastructure approaches for stormwater, and the integration process into planning for and developing sustainable communities. The guide is designed to help stakeholders understand how green infrastructure can enhance their communities, and to develop a plan that can overcome technical, regulatory, financial, and institutional obstacles that can limit the implementation of green infrastructure.

The EPA explains how green infrastructure is an integral component of sustainable communities because it can help protect both the environment and human health, while providing additional social and economic benefits. As related to stormwater management, green infrastructure allows property owners to manage stormwater themselves, and in some cases, green infrastructure can greatly reduce costs by decreasing the amount of stormwater gray infrastructure systems must be designed to manage.

The guide illustrates how to develop a sustainable community and green infrastructure plan, and describes several steps that can help the plan succeed in the long term, including:

  • Developing a community vision.
  • Establishing goals.
  • Assessing assets and opportunities.
  • Identifying potential approaches to add green infrastructure and help create sustainable communities.
  • Factoring brownfields and hazardous waste sites into planning.
  • Developing strategies for funding.
  • Monitoring and measuring progress.
  • Planning for long-term operations and maintenance.
  • Identifying federal government resources.


Publication Date: October 2014

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  • Melissa Kramer

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