EPA Green Infrastructure Strategic Agenda 2013

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Strategic Agenda for green infrastructure outlines the EPA’s key objectives in supporting community level efforts to develop and incorporate green infrastructure.  The strategy is designed to address climate change impacts.  According to the EPA, “creating more resilient systems will become increasingly important in the face of climate change. As more intense weather events or dwindling water supplies stress the performance of the nation’s water infrastructure, green infrastructure offers an approach to increase resiliency and adaptability.”

The strategy presents many objectives that are organized within five major focus areas - each of which have broad goals:

1. Federal coordination; Goal: Green infrastructure practices are embedded in federal agency programs.

2. Clean Water Act regulatory support; Goal: Green infrastructure language in permitting and enforcement actions is common practice.

3. Research and information exchange; Goal: Data on the design, performance, costs, and benefits of green infrastructure is known and readily available.

4. Funding and financing; Goal: Decrease the financial burden to communities of installing and maintaining green infrastructure.

5. Capacity building; Goal: Communities across the country are networking and exchanging information on the best green infrastructure approaches.


This strategy builds upon the previous 2008 and 2011 versions -  A Strategic Agenda to Protect Waters and Build More Livable Communities Through Green Infrastructure (2011) and the 2008 Action Strategy entitled Managing Wet Weather with Green Infrastructure.



Publication Date: 2013

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