EPA Local Government Climate Adaptation Training

This online training was developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to introduce local government decision-makers to the implications of climate change, the concept of climate adaptation, as well as provide examples of successful local government adaptive actions. Completing the online training video will take about 30 minutes.

After introducing the training goals and adaptation concepts, the video covers “climate change basics” including a review of some primary climate impacts of rising temperature, changing precipitation patterns, increased drought and wildfires, sea level rise, increased intensity of hurricanes, and reduced permafrost.

Part 3 of the training considers the risks and vulnerabilities that may be faced by local communities due to climate impacts. This section discusses:

Stormwater and Wastewater Management
Water Supply
Solid Waste and Emergency Response
Air Quality
Public Health
Protecting People Most at Risk/ Vulnerable populations

Planning considerations and a few example case studies of successful adaptation measures are presented for:

- Wastewater Management in the City of Boston
- Brownfields and Land Revitalization: Chester, PA
- Air Quality in Salt Lake City
- Protecting People Most at Risk: the Plateau Tribes

The EPA has prepared a related handout: “Community-Based Adaptation To A Changing Climate.” Designed for local government officials, this 8 page handout describes the impacts of climate change on local government services, provides illustrative adaptation strategies, and includes examples of community-based adaptation actions.


 If you have any trouble accessing the website link above, please find here an archived page. You may find this has limited use. https://web.archive.org/web/20170126222849/https://www.epa.gov/communityhealth/local-government-climate-adaptation-training 


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