Federal Actions for a Climate Resilient Nation - Progress Report of the Interagency Climate Change Adaptation Task Force

In October 2009, President Obama signed Executive Order 13514, Federal Leadership in Environmental and Energy Performance, which sets sustainability goals for Federal agencies and focuses on making improvements in agency environmental, energy, and economic performance. The Executive Order charged the Interagency Climate Change Adaptation Task Force with providing recommendations on how Federal policies, programs, and planning efforts can better prepare the United States for climate change. In October 2010, the Task Force recommended a set of policy goals and actions in its Progress Report to the President. The Task Force outlined how the Federal Government should work with local, state, and tribal partners to provide leadership, coordination, science, and services to address climate risks to the Nation as well as Federal assets and operations. This progress report provides an update to the policy goals outlined in the 2010 Task Force report. Policy goals and cross-cutting issues are organized into five key adaptation areas:

1) Integrating adaptation into federal government planning and activities;

2) Building resilience to climate change in communities;

3) Improving accessibility and coordination of science for decision making;

4) Developing strategies to safeguard natural resources in a changing climate; and

5) Enhancing efforts to lead and support international adaptation.

The next progress report is estimated for release in 2014.


Publication Date: October 28, 2011

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