FEMA: Mitigation Ideas - A Resource for Reducing Risk to Natural Hazards

This document provides information for communities and local decision-makers to identify and evaluate a range of potential mitigation actions for reducing risk to natural hazards and disasters. The mitigation actions are categorized into four types for each of the hazards discussed:

  1. Local Planning and Regulations
  2. Structure and Infrastructure Projects
  3. Natural Systems Protection
  4. Education and Awareness Programs

Mitigation strategies are detailed for the following natural hazards:

▪ Drought

▪ Earthquake

▪ Erosion

▪ Extreme temperatures

▪ Flood

▪ Hail

▪ Landslide

▪ Lightning

▪ Sea level rise

▪ Severe wind

▪ Severe winter weather

▪ Storm surge

▪ Subsidence

▪ Tornado

▪ Tsunami

▪ Wildfire


Activities that can be used to accomplish each mitigation goal are identified, as well as the relevant FEMA publications or resources, if available.




Publication Date: January 2013

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