FHWA Transportation, Climate Change and Extreme Weather Vulnerability Assessment Webinar Series

This webinar series from the Federal Highway Administration provides recordings and transcripts of four webinars devoted to climate change and extreme weather vulnerability assessments.  This webinar series was originally offered internally in May - June 2013, and is now available on FHWA’s website.

Session 1: Getting Started-Determining assets to study and climate information
Speakers provided an overview of the key steps involved in conducting a vulnerability assessment as well as examples of studies that included steps for selecting critical assets and developing climate and extreme weather event information.

Session 2: System-Level Vulnerability Assessments
This session focused on the use of information on transportation assets and climate projections to identify vulnerabilities. Representatives from three of the five 2010-11 vulnerability assessment pilot projects discussed their system-level vulnerability and risk assessment projects and the different ways they applied the vulnerability assessment framework.

Session 3: Applying the results
The third webinar in the series focused on incorporating the results of vulnerability assessment into agency decision making processes and developing adaptation options.

Session 4: Hurricane Sandy - Lessons Learned
The impacts of Hurricane Sandy underscore the need for proactive planning for extreme weather events. This session focused on extreme weather preparations, emergency response, recovery, and planning for long term resilience.


Publication Date: October 29, 2013

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