Flood Protection Pay-Offs: A Local Government Guide to the Community Rating System

This comprehensive guide to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Community Rating System (CRS) is compiled by Wetlands Watch. The NFIP CRS program provides flood insurance discounts, of up to 45%, to constituents within a localities where local governments pursue activities that mitigate flood risks. The guide is meant to help local governments determine which practices may earn credit under the CRS program, what adjustments they may need to make to receive credit, and if funding opportunities are available to assist local governments in meeting credit requirements.

CRS opportunities are categorized by their adaptation approach: (1) management/retreat; (2) accommodation; and (3) protection. They are also categorized as: (1) wetlands watch approved; (2) easy; (3) high credit value; (4) difficult; (5) required by state law;  and (6) associated with funding opportunity.    

Guidance is given on creditable activities related to a wide range of topics including building codes, community engagement, and stormwater management. Each section details CRS credit opportunities, the potential NFIP discount associated with each activity, aligned Virginia codes, as well as recommendations to maximize CRE credits and co-benefits.

This guide It is meant to be used in tandem with the CRS Coordinator’s Manual, which provides detailed explanations of all the potential CRS activities and credits that local governments can pursue.

Publication Date: March 2017

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