Florida: Public Opinion on Climate Change

This 2008 study surveyed the perceptions of Florida residents concerning the causes and consequences of climate change as well as potential solutions. The main findings are presented in this report and are intended to aid policy makers, educators, the private sector, and environmental organizations in their planning responses to climate change.

Overall, a large majority of the public in Florida believes that global warming is happening and caused by human activities. Likewise, large majorities believe global warming is already or will soon have a variety of significant impacts on the state. Yet only slightly less than half of the public are personally worried about climate change, likely because many believe it will primarily impact non-human species or people far away, not themselves or their own families.

Many respondents, however, do think politicians should be doing more to address global warming and are broadly supportive of state and federal initiatives to reduce local energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Finally, many say they are willing to take individual action to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions.




Publication Date: September 17, 2008

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  • Anthony Leiserowitz
  • Kenneth Broad

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