Fort Collins, Colorado 2019 Municipal Sustainability and Adaptation Plan

The City of Fort Collins, Colorado 2019 Municipal Sustainability and Adaptation Plan (MSAP) outlines the goals and objectives for achieving a healthy, sustainable city and improving Fort Collin’s resilience to a changing climate. Presenting six goals and 17 objectives for the City through the year 2050, the plan is a guide for city employees to develop and implement sustainability and adaptation strategies.

The plan is organized by six primary goals, including those that are climate adaptative, and to become carbon neutral. The goals, as stated in the report, include: 

1. We Are Resilient: City operations are prepared for and adapt to climate change and disruptive events of all scales. 

2. Our Public Lands Thrive: Our public lands support a healthy ecosystem and are resilient to climate and population growth pressures. 

3. We Are Water Smart: We sustainably manage our water resources and lead Colorado in water efficiency. 

4. We Are Zero Waste: We responsibly manage goods, products and services throughout their life cycle to achieve waste reduction outcomes. 

5. We Are Carbon Neutral: Our transportation systems, energy production, and facilities lead the nation in sustainable performance and resource efficiency. 

6. We Are A World Class Workplace: The City is a high performing and resilient organization that has a culture of sustainability.

Each section defines and describes the goal; connects the goal to existing city plans, codes, and guidelines; summarizes current achievements aligned with the goal; identifies opportunities for additional progress; and outlines a number of objectives and strategies to direct progress toward the goal. Some of the strategies focused on climate adaptation include to:

  • Prepare the City’s critical services, assets, buildings, and infrastructure to be resilient.
  • Develop and foster community relationships and partnerships to strengthen cooperation in the event of emergencies or events.
  • Increase emergency management and preparedness throughout the [City of Fort Collins]
  • Mitigate negative impacts of stormwater runoff by consistently integrating Low Impact Development (LID) infrastructure.
  • Utilize public lands to support climate change resilience and adaptation through carbon sequestration.
  • Sustain and improve the health of the Cache la Poudre River and its urban watershed.
  • Convert and create [natural and building] landscapes that are drought-tolerant, water wise and resilient for our climate. 

Metrics already being used by city departments are identified that may be applied, adapted, or added to - for tracking objective implementation of the MSAP. Also included are considerations for identifying the right type and number of indicators to track for performance evaluation.

Appendix D and E summarize the city’s commitment to preparing for climate change hazards and the identification of major climate threats and stressors to the area (primarily increased summer temperatures, droughts, less snowpack with earlier spring runoff, and wildfire).


Publication Date: 2019

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