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Global Change Biology (GCB) publishes research related to the interface between all aspects of current environmental change and biological systems, including rising tropospheric GHG concentrations, climate change, loss of biodiversity, and eutrophication.  Studies may be experimental, observational or theoretical, and may concern aquatic or terrestrial and managed or natural environments.  GCB concentrates on primary research articles, but operates a flexible policy regarding other submissions, which include Technical Papers, Mini-Reviews and Opinion Articles.

Sample study titles include: "How will a decline in snow impact dryland regions?" -"Will climate warming lengthen the growing season in temperate forests?" - "Plant extinction risk under climate change: are forecast range shifts alone a good indicator of species vulnerability to global warming?"

According to a special ISI ScienceWatch section, Global Change Biology is ranked 3rd in the list of most-cited journals in Climate Change Research, 1999-2009 (First and second places were Nature and Science respectively).


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