Hawaii Climate Adaptation Portal

The State of Hawai’i has developed the Hawai’i Climate Adaptation Portal web tool to provide the public with information on climate change, its impacts, and adaptation.  The portal contains adaptation tools and strategies; reviews of the climate adaptation initiatives Hawai’i has taken; and introductory material on climate change, sea level rise, mitigation and adaptation.

The adaptation focused resources available in the portal include adaptation strategies and tools. The tools are primarily for adaptation to sea level rise, and include examples of Planning, Regulatory, Spending, and Market-Based Tools.

Other resources are provided such as Hawaii focused research, and a listing of many other websites for further information on adaptation and sea level rise - including this Adaptation Clearinghouse.   


In 2014, the Hawaiʻi State Legislature passage of the Hawaiʻi Climate Adaptation Initiative Act (Act 83, Session Laws of Hawaiʻi) to address the effects of climate change in order to "protect the State’s economy, health, environment, and way of life." Act 83 calls for the establishment of an Interagency Climate Adaptation Committee, and the Hawaiʻi Climate Adaptation Portal will also track the development and progress of the Committee’s work.




Publication Date: November 2015

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