How Countries, States, and Florida Address Sea Level Rise: A Compendium of Climate Adaptation Research

The Compendium is a comprehensive list of national, state and local sea level rise adaptation planning resources assembled by Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO). Each briefly summarized, there are 24 reports and plans described for the state of Florida, as well as adaptation plans for four cities and 18 reports regarding Florida at the county and regional level. Twelve states are reviewed with multiple resources for each described, including hazard mitigation plans, vulnerability assessments, response strategies and more.  The report also surveys sea level rise planning for Australia, Canada and Tasmania. 

In 2012 the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) introduced the Community Resiliency Initiative. This five-year project is designed to integrate adaptation to potential sea level rise into current planning mechanisms, including the local comprehensive plan, local hazard mitigation plan and post-disaster redevelopment plan. This effort is steered by a Focus Group of statewide experts on planning for sea level rise adaptation and stakeholders in the coastal area. This Compendium is one of many products of the Initiative.  

Publication Date: 2013

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