Landmark at Risk: Protecting the Historic Seaport of Annapolis, Maryland

Utilizing GIS tools to overlay flood risk maps with Annapolis’ many historical sites, the interactive web-based resource help users to understand the threat to their community through images and story mapping.  Spurred by the state’s 2008 Climate Action Plan, which assessed what approach  (protecting, retreating, or abandoning) was most appropriate for coastal communities threatened by sea level rise, this tool brings together experts in planning, architecture, engineering, and historic preservation. Its interactive nature also facilitates the participation of additional stakeholders, encouraging people to share their flooding photos and get involved.

The site outlines the ongoing planning process, which involves conversations centered around the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)’s “How-to-guide” as well as the Cultural Resources Hazard Mitigation Plan in development (in 2017) for Annapolis. One section, for example, educates the public about current initiatives and explains how stormwater and infrastructure projects are currently used to deal with nuisance flooding. It also lays out plans for future phases that will involve pump stations, closure valves, and upgrades to existing bulkheads. Another of the site’s chapters explores non-structural mitigation options and the potential for future LiDar (Light Detection and Ranging) for historic buildings.

The unique multi-media approach of this tool serves to document Annapolis’ history as well as the adaptation work underway. Its accessibility also presents an opportunity for users from outside of the region to learn from the Annapolis community’s adaptation planning process, their consultation with experts, methods of protecting evidence of their rich history, and development of technology that can aid their adaptation and protection efforts.

Publication Date: October 2017

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