Louisiana’s Strategic Adaptations for Future Environments

Louisiana’s Strategic Adaptations for Future Environment (LA SAFE) supplements Louisiana’s 2012 Coastal Master Plan by serving as a generalized framework for land use and community development along Louisiana’s coast. Recognizing that not all vulnerable areas can be protected from flood risks, the report outlines three different development strategies - Retreat, Retrofit, or Resettle.  Based upon the expected flood inundation from a 100-year storm event over the next 50 years, the strategies respond to three typological zones:

  • Retreat from areas projected to experience more than 14 feet of flood inundation;
  • Retrofit places of economic and cultural value projected to experience between 3 and 14 feet of flood inundation; and
  • Resettle to maximize underdeveloped areas and high-ground corridors that are projected to experience less than 3 feet of flood inundation.

LA SAFE acknowledges the difficulties around retreat and envisions community-led efforts and population-sensitive strategies to resettle vulnerable coastal populations. 


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