Maine Wildlife Action Plan

Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife prepared the state’s 2015 Wildlife Action Plan to protect Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) and to fulfil requirements established by the State Wildlife Grant program. This updated plan focuses on developing a list of 378 SGCN based on a number of factors, including vulnerability to  climate change and cultural significance to tribes in Maine. The 2015 plan builds off of an earlier version, published in 2005, which helped secure funding that has supported enhanced habitat management, research, monitoring, population management, and outreach programs throughout the state.

The plan is organized into chapters (“elements”) that list SGCN and provide summaries by species (Element 1), a description of key habitats (Element 2), an overview of problems affecting SGCN and their habitats (Element 3). Later chapters focus on conservation actions (Element 4), including general strategies to protect habitats as well as species-specific actions. Element 5 outlines process for monitoring SGCN and their habitats, Element 6 addresses future updates to the plan, and Elements 7 and 8 offer guidance on coordinating with partners and fostering public participation.

Species included as SGCN include seabirds, which face rising sea levels and warming ocean temperatures; reptiles and amphibians, many of which the state already considers endangered or threatened; and coldwater fishes, which are experiencing increased pressure from invasive species and from warmer water temperatures. The plan points out how conservation of plants, though not eligible for State Wildlife Grant Program funding, will benefit from conservation of habitats and natural communities.

The plan also uses “species conservation range maps” to identify areas where SGCNs could benefit from additional protection. Improving education and outreach to increase public awareness of climate change and the need for adaptation is another one of the report’s high priority recommendations aimed at protecting the state’s SGCN.


Publication Date: September 2015

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