Maryland Update to the Governor and General Assembly

The report summarizes implementation progress of the Maryland Commission on Climate Change policy recommendations as identified in the state's 2008 Climate Action Plan. The Climate Action Plan contains 19 policy recommendations that focus on climate change adaptation, primarily for sea-level rise and coastal storm surge -  from both the Mitigation Working Group's (MWG) and the Adaptation Response Working Groups' (ARWG). For each of the recommendations brief updates are provided, including any institutional, regulatory or legislative actions. 

One notable update in this report is the formation of six sector-based adaptation work groups in December 2009 (water resources; agriculture; bay and aquatic ecosystems; forest and terrestrial ecosystems; human health; and growth and infrastructure) to develop the state's Phase 2 adaptation strategy. The work groups are charged with developing sector-based adaptation strategies by June 2010, with an integrated report by October 2010. Appendix B provides the 2010 policy plans from the ARWG.


In April of 2007, Governor Martin O’Malley established the Maryland Commission on Climate Change through Executive Order 01.01.2007.07. The order charged the Commission with the task of developing a Climate Action Plan to discuss the drivers and consequences of climate change, necessary preparations for its ensuing impacts on the State, and establish firm benchmarks and timetables for policy implementation. 




Publication Date: January 2010

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