Mississippi Urban Forest Council: Terry, Mississippi Arboretum Project

Terry, Mississippi is a small town of less that 1,500 people 15 miles southwest of Jackson Mississippi that is home to two small parks. In 2011, in collaboration with the Mississippi Forestry Commission and the Mississippi Urban Forest Council, the Mayor’s Office announced an initiative to plant trees throughout the town in order to maintain its “Americana” feel. As part of this plan, the city worked to identify and inventory potential planning sites, determine which types of trees would best benefit the community, and develop a campaign to encourage citizen contribution and buyin to the project.

Terry is a small town with a population of 1,063 with a history dating back to 1811. Only 2.3 square miles, it's main avenue through town has been described as "Americana," and its residents are proud of Terry's small-town feel. Terry boasts two parks -- Village Square and County Park -- that provide town residents with open spaces for enjoyment, exercise, and recreation. 

The Urban Forestry Plan, released in 2011, details the town's plan to retain its already existing trees, as well as plant more, in order to help maintain Terry's picturesque, rural feel. Included among the recommendations laid out by the plan are: 

  • identifying and inventorying planting sites as well as native tree species;
  • developing a beautification campaign to encourage local business and citizen contribution; 
  • creating a fund to plant and maintain new and existing trees; 
  • developing an educational program to inform residents about the benefits trees and tree canopy provide; and
  • running workshops to educate city employees and residents on tree pruning and maintenance. 

The plan also contains several appendices that provide examples of recommended tree species to be planted, potential tree ordinance language, and other reports and recommendations released by Urban Foresters that can help benefit Terry, Mississippi's objectives surrounding the Arboretum Project and the Urban Forestry Plan. 


This project was funded in part by the Mississippi Forestry Commission, the USDA Forest Service, and the Southern Group of State Foresters.

Publication Date: 2011

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