(a.k.a. 'neXus') is a searchable online database that provides a gateway to climate information for the Eastern US. The database targets regional planners and managers within the Eastern region (South Carolina to Maine, including West Virginia and Ohio) by offering information to plan climate-related projects and programs. The website catalogues state-level needs for climate information, directs users to useful data, products and services, and maintains record of planned and ongoing projects within the associated states. The intention is to offer information that assists in the selection of collaborative projects that address regional needs and are not currently being funded.

Included in the database are a catalog of documented regional climate information needs; regionally relevant reports, plans, and studies; locations and descriptions of online resources such as tools and models; and key information about ongoing climate initiatives in the region. Content is divided primarily by resource type, so that users can locate discipline specific tools and reports (Data, Products and Services), review ongoing projects within their area of interest (Projects and Activities), identify areas of outstanding need for climate information (Needs) and find appropriate contacts within the region (Programs and Partners). was developed through the collaborative efforts of NOAA, EPA, North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative, and the National Wildlife Federation. 


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Publication Date: 2012

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