New Hampshire SB 376-FN: An Act relative to wildlife corridors

New Hampshire Senate Bill 376-FN requires the Fish and Game Department to identify existing and needed wildlife corridors connecting wildlife habitats in the state, and to make recommendations for legislative changes. SB 376 is designed to help improve wildlife corridors and thereby support wildlife resilience in light of climate change and development pressures.

SB 376 explains that wildlife corridors can assist in adapting to warming temperatures and shifting habitats; create habitat strongholds; protect ecosystem health and biodiversity; and improve the resiliency of wildlife and their habitats to existing and potential changes.

The NH Fish and Game Department, in collaboration with the Environmental Services and Transportation departments, will be required to identify existing and/or needed wildlife corridors that link habitats to allow for wildlife movement.

The departments are directed to explore voluntary mechanisms such as easements and cooperative management agreements that affect wildlife corridors, and to make recommendations for any potential legislative changes to encourage these voluntary protective measures.

For purposes of this act, "wildlife corridor" means: a habitat linkage that joins 2 or more areas of wildlife habitat, allowing for fish passage or the movement of wildlife from one area to another, and "habitat stronghold" means high-quality habitat that supports wildlife in being more resilient to increasing pressures on species due to climate change and land development.


Publication Date: June 10, 2016


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