New York State Water Infrastructure Improvement Act Grant Program

The New York State (NYS) Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) and the NYS Department of Health announced in July 2015 that $50 million in water infrastructure grants are available to local governments for critical water and wastewater infrastructure upgrades. For State Fiscal Year 2015-2016, $30 million of the funding will be available for clean water (wastewater) projects with priority given to the projects that increase resiliency to sea level rise and extreme weather events. 

Under a budget agreement reached March 31, 2015 between the state legislature and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration, the $50 million in funding is part of $200 million in grants expected through the New York State Water Infrastructure Improvement Act over the next three state fiscal years. The Act authorizes funds for municipal wastewater and drinking water infrastructure projects that improve water quality and protect public health. 

The new grant program was initiated by the NYS Assembly to address the financial crisis that many localities face when securing funding for waste water and drinking water infrastructure projects.

There will be $50 million available in the current budget, and $75 million in each of the next two. This year, EFC will allocate $30 million in grant funding for clean water (wastewater) projects that improve water quality, and $20 towards drinking water projects. Applicants seeking grant funding for wastewater projects may receive up to $5 million in grant, not to exceed 25% of the project cost after discounting other grant funds.

Per the enacted state budget, EFC shall consider and give preference to projects that meet EFC's hardship criteria with a focus on an applicant's median household income among other factors. Priority will also be given to wastewater projects that mitigate combined sewer and storm water overflows, as well as for projects that increase resiliency by protecting wastewater collection and treatment systems from sea level rise and damage from extreme weather.



Publication Date: July 2015

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