NOAA Climate Prediction Center Merged Analysis of Precipitation

This monthly data set, produced by NOAA's Climate Prediction Center, consists of two files containing monthly averaged precipitation rate values. Values are obtained from 5 kinds of satellite estimates (GPI, OPI, SSM/I scattering, SSM/I emission and MSU). The enhanced file also includes blended NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis Precipitation values. The other includes only the satellite estimates. Pentad data is also available.

The data set consists of monthly averaged precipitation rate values (mm/day). The data range is approximately 0 to 70mm/day. The pentad dataset consists of 73 pentads per year with the 12th pentad covering Feb 25-Mar 1 whether or not there is a leap year. The pentad starts on the date stored in the netCDF file.


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