NOAA Fisheries Climate Science Strategy Regional Action Plans

NOAA Fisheries and its partners have developed six Regional Action Plans to guide implementation of the NOAA Fisheries Climate Science Strategy for each region (Northeast, Southeast, Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, Western, Pacific Islands). The regional plans identify the priority actions that NOAA Fisheries and affiliated agencies plan to take over the next five years to implement the seven objectives of the Strategy. The actions are focused on tracking changing conditions including climate impacts, and identifying the best strategies to reduce impacts and sustain marine resources.

Each of the Regional Action Plans follows the approach presented in the NOAA Fisheries Climate Science Strategy and applies it to the ecosystems and management actions of the region. The regional plans are built around the following seven Science Objectives as set forth in the Strategy :

1: Identify appropriate, climate-informed reference points for managing living marine resources (LMRs).

2: Identify robust strategies for managing LMRs under changing climate conditions.

3: Design adaptive decision processes that can incorporate and respond to changing climate conditions.

4: Identify future states of marine and coastal ecosystems, LMRs, and LMR-dependent human communities in a changing climate.

5: Identify the mechanisms of climate impacts on ecosystems, LMRs, and LMR-dependent human communities.

6: Track trends in ecosystems, LMRs and LMR-dependent human communities and provide early warning of change.

7: Build and maintain the science infrastructure needed to fulfill NOAA Fisheries mandates with changing climate conditions.


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