NOAA Habitat Conservation Project Grants

Habitat conservation project grants and cooperative agreements are awarded for habitat conservation activities including coastal and marine habitat restoration and protection. Projects are funded to carry out public policy pertaining to protection and restoration of the nation's wetlands and other coastal habitats including those of the Great Lakes.

Funds can be used by recipients to support a wide variety of habitat restoration, coral reef conservation, construction, management, public education activities, and research for marine and estuarine habitats, especially for species currently under, or proposed for, Federal or inter-jurisdictional management. Restoration includes, but is not limited to, activities that contribute to the return of degraded or altered marine, estuarine, coastal, and freshwater habitats to a close resemblance of their function prior to disturbance. Habitat restoration activities that produce significant ecological habitat features to create buffers or green infrastructure that serve to protect coastal communities from sea level rise, coastal storms and flooding, or that provide adaptation to climate change, are applicable.

Eligible applicants for assistance include State and local governments, including their universities and colleges; U.S. territorial agencies; federally and State-recognized Indian Tribal governments; private universities and colleges; private profit and nonprofit research and conservation organizations, and/or individuals.

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