NOAA's State of the Coast (SOTC)

NOAA’s State of the Coast  (SOTC) is a website that provides information about coastal communities, coastal ecosystems, and the coastal economy, and about how climate change might impact the coast.  The site offers case studies, management success stories, reports, fact sheets and more detailed statistics through interactive indicator visualizations.

NOAA tracks its efforts to improve 'Coastal Hazard Resilience' through an interactive map on the SOTC website.  NOAA activities are assessed through a Government Performance Results Act (GPRA) coastal hazard resilience measure.  This measure assesses the collective annual efforts of three NOAA offices the Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, the Coastal Services Center, and the National Sea Grant College Program.

NOAA developed this SOTC website in order to "foster an increased awareness of the crucial importance of healthy coastal ecosystems to a robust U.S. economy, a safe population, and a sustainable quality of life for coastal residents."

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