Oregon EO 15-09: Directing State Agencies to Plan for Resiliency to Drought, To Meet the Challenge that a Changing Climate Brings

Oregon Governor Brown's 2015 Executive Order on drought and climate change sets a goal to reduce water consumption by 15 percent or more on average across all state-owned facilities on or before December 31, 2020. The EO also directs agencies to update the state's overall planning for drought, including potential new tools to help communities deal with the impacts of water shortages.

The EO called on agencies to report their progress to the Governor's Office by November 1, 2015, and annually thereafter. In addition, Oregon state agencies, boards and commissions were asked to complete an initial Water Conservation and Efficiency Plan and submit it to the Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) by October 1, 2015. They all complied with the request, seventy-three in all - including a plan from the Governor’s Office. The documents outline actions to reduce water use, and the agencies will continue to work with OWRD and the Department of Administrative Services to achieve their water conservation goals through 2020. 

Executive Order 15-09 Water Conservation Goals

The EO requires state agencies that own or manage land or facilities to take a number of actions:

• Work with the Oregon Water Resources Department and DAS to establish a baseline use of water

• Identify and carry out short-term actions that curtail non-essential exterior water use

• Place a moratorium on installing new non-essential landscape projects that require irrigation at state-owned buildings

• Develop and place signs and other messaging within state-owned buildings to encourage state employees to reduce non-essential inside water use

• Determine if state-owned buildings and facilities have current leak detection systems

• Consider any social and disproportionate effects of actions on underserved communities before making final decisions on water-saving measures

• Report to the Governor by November 1, 2015, and annually thereafter, on progress in implementing these actions, barriers encountered and future steps to reduce nonessential use of water.


Gov. Kate Brown’s office has created a website for Oregon drought information, at www.drought.oregon.gov and launched the #ORdrought campaign. State agencies are using the website and the hashtag #ORdrought to keep Oregonians informed and prepared.



Publication Date: July 27, 2015

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