Oregon House Bill 3543: Global Warming Actions

Oregon House Bill 3543 from then Governor Kulongoski establishes greenhouse gas reduction goals and Oregon's first Global Warming Commission. The Commission was designated responsible for making recommendations to meet the greenhouse gas reduction targets, as well as examining cap and trade systems, developing an educational strategy on global warming issues, and tracking global warming impacts on Oregon. In addition, the bill creates the Oregon Climate Research Institute in the Oregon University System.

The Commission was directed to recommend efforts to help Oregon prepare for the effects of climate change. Recommendations were established by evaluating economic, environmental, health and social assessments of climate impacts on Oregon and the Pacific Northwest as well as local and regional efforts to prepare for the effects of climate change. A bi-annual report to the Legislative Assembly is required that includes measures the state may adopt to mitigate the impacts of global warming on the environment, the economy and the residents of Oregon and to prepare for those impacts.

The purpose of the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute as stated in the legislation is to:  

(a) Facilitate research by Oregon University System faculty on climate change and its effects on natural and human systems in Oregon;

(b) Serve as a clearinghouse for climate change information;

(c) Provide climate change information to the public in integrated and accessible formats;

(d) Support the Oregon Global Warming Commission in developing strategies to prepare for and to mitigate the effects of climate change on natural and human systems; and

(e) Provide technical assistance to local governments to assist them in developing climate change policies, practices and programs.

The Research Institute is also mandated to assess, at least once each biennium, the state of climate change science and the likely effects of climate change on the state - and submit the assessment to the Legislative Assembly and to the Governor.


For further information see the "Oregon Global Warming Commission 2009 Report to the Legislature" reviewed in this Clearinghouse.


Publication Date: June 2007

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