Oregon's Final Report to the Governor - A Framework for Addressing Rapid Climate Change

The state's Climate Change Integration Group (CCIG), through this report created in 2008, started the development of a framework to assist individuals, businesses, and governments in the state to incorporate climate change into their planning processes, based on observed impacts, and human and economic threats. The report is organized in 4 parts: 1) Preparation and Adaptation, 2) Mitigation, 3) Education and Outreach, and 4) Research, with a synthesis of key recommendations at the beginning.

The Adaptation section largely defers to the Global Warming Commission, the anticipated successor group to the CCIG, and indicates that more work is needed to develop action strategies around preparation and adaptation. As such, this section is largely principles for the Commission to consider in their efforts. In December 2010, The Oregon Climate Change Adaptation Framework report was released (see separate entry), superseding this preliminary plan.

A key recommendation of the report is the call for the state to immediately begin preparing for climate change, recommending the state prioritize increasing resiliency within Oregon’s natural, built, human and economic systems before major impacts occur; 2) require and encourage all government agencies to adopt and implement climate change preparation plans; 3)  assess existing capacity and develop governance systems appropriate for the rate and scale of change that will accompany climate change; and 4) assess existing finance mechanisms and develop new funding options as needed to account for the longer time frames required to effectively prepare for climate change.

Governor Ted Kulongoski appointed the Climate Change Integration Group to create a preparation and adaptation strategy for Oregon, implement and monitor mitigation measures from the 2004 Oregon Strategy for Greenhouse Gas Reductions (and devise new ones if appropriate), serve as a clearinghouse for Oregon climate change information, and explore new research possibilities related to climate change for Oregon’s universities.

Publication Date: January 2008

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