Public Assistance Required Minimum Standards FEMA Recovery Policy (FP-104-009-4)

The Federal Emergency Management Agency Public Assistance grant program provides federal assistance to to state, local, and tribal governments to support their disaster recovery effort following a Presidential disaster declaration. Specifically, the program provides assistance for debris removal, emergency protective measures, and permanent restoration of infrastructure.

The stated purpose of this 2016 policy is to establish minimum standards for FEMA Public Assistance projects to promote resiliency and achieve risk reduction under the authority of the Stafford Act §§ 323 and 406(e) and 44 CFR § 206, subpart M.

This policy applies to all Public Assistance funded repair, replacement, or construction of buildings in tornado, wind, seismic, and flood-prone areas - when a building is: Substantially Damaged, suffers Substantial Structural Damage, and/or eligible for Replacement in accordance with the 44 CFR part 206.226(f).

As a condition of assistance, buildings eligible for repair, replacement, or construction located in hazard-prone areas will use, at a minimum, the hazard-resistant standards referenced in the most recent edition of the model building code as of the disaster declaration date.   


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Publication Date: September 30, 2016

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