Resilient America Roundtable

The Resilient America Roundtable of the National Academy of Sciences is collaborating with communities across the country to build “cultures of resilience” - helping selected local communities by engaging decision makers and citizens to better understand risk and build resilience.

Over the project's initial two- to three-year period, Resilient America Roundtable teams worked with selected communities to develop a community disaster resilience strategy. On September 5, 2014, Resilient America announced its first two communities that were the focus of pilot projects - Charleston, South Carolina, and Linn County/Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Roundtable teams worked with decision makers, local organizations, businesses, and citizens in Charleston and Cedar Rapids to better understand the risks each community faces, and design strategies to bolster resilience to these risks.

Members of the Resilient America Roundtable are from many sectors - FEMA and other federal agencies, industry, non-profit organizations, and academia - who have expertise in resilience, risk management, and disaster/emergency management.

Roundtable members connect people and organizations who are active in resilience efforts. The goal is to encourage and strengthen relationships among relevant experts and community leaders, introduce diverse stakeholders to each other, and encourage discussion among them, so they can form functional partnerships that build resilience in communities across the U.S.

There are two ways for communities to get involved: directly as a pilot project community, or as one of the network communities that engage with Roundtable members, pilot communities and with each other through online dialog and learning.


Publication Date: September 5, 2014

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