Rhode Island E.O. 17-10: Action Plan to Stand up To Climate Change

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo signed Executive Order 17-10 on September 15, 2017 to establish a Chief Resilience Officer who will work collaboratively with partners to develop a statewide “Action Plan to Stand Up to Climate Change” by July 1, 2018. The Order recognizes that Rhode Island and its 400 miles of coastline is highly vulnerable to climate change, particularly risks related to warmer weather and waters, sea level rise, more intense storms, and flooding.

The Chief Resiliency Officer will work with the existing Rhode Island Executive Climate Change Coordinating Council, which brings together members of various state agencies to identify strategies for responding to sea level rise, shoreline change, sever weather events and critical infrastructure vulnerability. This group produced a preliminary action plan that will feed into the new statewide plan.

The Order also provides an overview of what is likely to be in the plan, including:

  • Community resilience: strategies for homeowners and businesses to retrofit properties, actions to support health equity climate strategies, and model adaptation strategies for municipalities.
  • Economic resilience: identification of Rhode Island’s business, health care, and natural resources most vulnerable to climate impacts, model strategies for key sectors, and increasing disaster preparedness and business continuity for small businesses.
  • Critical infrastructure and environmental resilience: adaptation strategies for critical infrastructure including drinking water, natural resources, wastewater, waste management, transportation, energy, healthcare, and education.
  • Implementation program: prioritizing resiliency actions and investments, identifying funding and financing strategies, and facilitation coordination with private and nonprofit sectors.
  • “Lead by example”: Designating state agency resiliency coordinators, removing barriers to discourage investment and resiliency actions, incorporating resiliency into capital asset management.


Publication Date: September 15, 2017

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