Sea Level Rise Phone App

The Sea Level Rise Phone App crowdsources information about climate change related flooding and sea level rise. The app was initially developed to capture flooding information for the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, which currently faces the most severe sea level rise on the East Coast and is at the second highest risk from sea level rise in the United States.  As of early 2017, volunteers were using the app in fourteen U.S. states (plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia), as well as internationally in Russia, Kenya, South Africa, the Netherlands.

The app allows users to drop a “pin” on the app’s map when the encounter flooding  so as to warn other app users of an ongoing flooding risk. The app developers hope to leverage crowdsourced data so that they can push alerts to users  before flooding events occur. The app developers also hope to engage a wide variety of stakeholders on the issue of sea level rise by giving them a free, easy way to contribute to knowledge in this area of climate change adaptation.


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