"Stationarity Is Dead" -- Long Live Transformation: Five Principles for Climate Change Adaptation Law

This Article argues for a flexible model of climate change adaptation law to increase the resilience and adaptive capacity of socio-ecological systems. It provides cases of climate change impacts already having a profound impact on these systems, and makes an argument for why environmental laws and policies are not keeping up with the changes afoot.  It lays out five principles and several sub-principles for environmental regulation and natural resource management, to guide climate change adaptation law. 

This Article argues that, for adaptation purposes, "we are better off treating climate change impacts as a long-term natural disaster rather than as anthropogenic disturbances, with a consequent shift in regulatory focus: we cannot prevent all of climate change’s impacts, but we can certainly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our responses to them."


Publication Date: 2010

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  • Robin Kundis Craig

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  • Harvard Environmental Law Review


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  • Legal Analysis


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