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The Sustainable Water Infrastructure Website, created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, consists of a collection of resources relating to sustainable water infrastructure (SWI). The website aims to educate users on the variety of components that make up sustainable water infrastructure, and to provide data and tools to help state and local officials implement SWI.

The resources on this website are grouped into 3 categories:

  •     Water Infrastructure Challenge
  •     Building Sustainable Water Infrastructure
  •     Managing Sustainable Water Utilities

In the “Water Infrastructure Challenge” section, the website outlines the EPA’s Clean Water and Drinking Water Infrastructure Sustainability Policy. The policy’s goal is to ensure that federal investments in water aid existing communities, enhance competitiveness, and promote affordable neighborhoods.e. This section includes a link to the EPA’s national survey assessing drinking water needs and clean water infrastructure needs. In addition, information specifically geared towards helping local elected officials and decision makers prioritize SWI is included.

The section, “Building Sustainable Water Infrastructure,” contains information on the benefits of water utilities reducing energy use, and information and training on asset management planning to prolong the life of assets, better meet consumer demand, and support financial goals. This section also discusses the role of alternative technologies in developing SWI. The alternative technologies web portal outlines the various water treatment technologies and green infrastructure options available, and discusses the benefits of source water protection and decentralized wastewater management.

In the “Managing and Sustainable Water Utilities” section, the website provides a number of resources for Effective Utility Management (EUM) practices, which include strategic business planning, setting clear priorities, and continued measurement/evaluation. This section also includes tools for Implementing EUM, guidelines for pricing water at affordable levels, and resources designed to help communities finance water infrastructure investments.   


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Publication Date: May 2016

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