Texas Infrastructure Resiliency Fund

In June 2019, the State of Texas established the Texas Infrastructure Resiliency Fund (TIRF), a new special fund in the state treasury for the purpose of financing flood mitigation and protection projects and related planning efforts. The TIRF is administered by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) and includes four separate accounts: a Federal Matching Account, a Floodplain Management Account, a Flood Implementation Account, and a Hurricane Harvey Account.

The Federal Matching Account provides funding to help local, frontline communities with matching funds necessary to implement projects that are already eligible for partial federal funding. The funds can also be used to make loans to political subdivisions.

The Floodplain Management Account is used to plan for flood planning, protection, mitigation, or adaptation projects. Additionally, funding from this account can go to flood-related education and outreach programs. This account consists of the $3.05 million in insurance maintenance taxes collected each fiscal year, as well as money or grants from the federal government or other sources. 

The Flood Plan Implementation Account is used only to provide financing for projects that are included in the state flood plan, which the TWCB is responsible for developing.

The Hurricane Harvey Account provides money to the Department of Emergency Management to implement projects related to Hurricane Harvey recovery. Projects can include hazard mitigation projects, public assistance projects, or construction projects, and/or streamlining the design and permitting process.  

The TIRF was authorized by Senate Bill 7 of the Texas 86th legislative session (2019), which was signed by the governor in June 2019. SB 7 also authorized the Texas Flood Infrastructure Fund, which provides additional assistance specifically for communities to plan and implement flood projects.

Publication Date: June 13, 2019

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