The Northwest Climate Toolbox

The Northwest Climate Toolbox provides free online access to historic, current and future projections of weather and climate data tools, with an emphasis on the Pacific Northwest. Designed to aid decision-makers in agriculture, water resources and fire management, the tools transform raw climatological, meteorological and hydrological information into visualizations for climate adaptation planning. There are currently 17 tools available, most with data for the entire U.S., some focused specifically on locations in the western and northwestern U.S.

Examples of the resources in the toolkit include:

  • The Future Tribal Climate tool: provides maps and graphical summaries of projected changes in climate over selected geographies associated with specific Pacific Northwest and Great Basin tribes 
  • Climate Mapper: a mapping interface with recent and future climate information across the U.S. including variables pertinent to agricultural systems, surface hydrology, and wildfire dange
  • US Water Watcher: accesses real-time water information for any location in the contiguous US, and allows assessment of extreme wet/dry conditions with various drought metrics (meteorological, hydrological, agricultural, ecological)

The guidance tab links to the Northwest Climate Toolbox Workbook which offers step-by-step instructions for the tools as well as advice on presenting and communicating the data.  

The Toolbox is a joint effort between Oregon State University’s Climate Impacts Research Consortium (CIRC) and colleagues at the Northwest Knowledge Network, USDA Northwest Climate Hub, and USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.


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