The Status of the Coral Reef Ecosystems of Guam

This report provides an assessment of the status of the coral reef ecosystems of Guam between 2004 and 2007. The findings of various monitoring activities, assessments, and stand-alone investigations conducted by local and federal agencies, educational/research institutions, and government contractors since 2004 were synthesized to obtain an updated, holistic view of the status of Guam’s reefs. Climate change is addressed as a significant factor in the decline of the coral reef in Guam. 

'Climate Change, Coral Bleaching, and Ocean Acidification' is a sub-section of the report explaining that coral bleaching is an emerging threat, and will likely grow more severe with increasing sea surface temperatures associated with global climate change. While the report primarily details the numerous significant impacts on Guam's coral reefs, some generalized adaptation measures are offered.  Stating that even immediate global action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will not prevent some further climate change, the main course of action advised is to significantly reduce local impacts to Guam’s coral reefs, with urgency.  It is further suggested that coping with the impacts will require a greatly improved understanding of reef resilience to climate change and the effective integration of the concept of resiliency into a viable, long-term coral reef management strategy. 

Publication Date: December 2008

Authors or Affiliated Users:

  • D. Burdick
  • V. Brown
  • J. Asher
  • C. Caballes
  • M. Gawel
  • L. Goldman
  • A. Hall
  • J. Kenyon
  • T. Leberer
  • E. Lundblad
  • J. McIlwain
  • J. Miller
  • D. Minton
  • M. Nadon
  • N. Pioppi
  • L. Raymundo
  • B. Richards
  • R. Schroeder
  • P. Schupp
  • E. Smith
  • B. Zgliczynski

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  • Guam Bureau of Statistics and Planning


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  • Assessment

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