Town of Centreville, Maryland Ordinance 06-2012: To Develop a Stormwater Utility

On February 21, 2013 the Town of Centreville, Maryland approved Ordinance 06-2012 to develop a stormwater utility to finance the operation, construction, and maintenance of storm water devices, for stormwater planning, reviewing of development plans for compliance with stormwater management codes, and for protection of local waterways.

The Ordinance states that stormwater runoff contributes to non-point source pollution to streams of the Town’s watersheds and a stormwater management program can reduce this type of pollution. It also develops a stormwater management fee system to offer additional financial management options that will provide a stable and dedicated source of funding that will assist the Town to improve the stormwater and drainage services. The stormwater management fee system will be based on factors that influence stormwater runoff including the amount of impervious surface on the property.

A stormwater utility study, funded by NOAA and the Department of Natural Resources via Maryland's Coastal Zone Management grant, laid the foundation for this ordinance. The first year of the study involved mapping the Town's infrastructure and the costs associated with repairing and upgrading infrastructure. The second year of the study included outreach to the community and Town Council, fee structures, and credit system. The study was presented to the Town Council with recommendations on why the utility was needed, and how much revenue the Town needed per year to address stormwater.

To assist with the development of a business plan for the stormwater utility, a Stormwater Advisory Council (SWAC) was formed with the goal of providing public education and to solicit feedback from the SWAC related to the development of a storm water utility. The SWAC and the Town of Centreville are currently working towards the implementation of this stormwater utility.  

Publication Date: February 21, 2013

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