Transportation and Climate Change Resource Center

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials’ (AASTHO) Transportation and Climate Change Resource Center provides access to information, services, and resources to support both mitigation and adaptation actions by state transportation departments (DOT).

A Climate Change Steering Committee (CCSC) acts as a focal point and coordinating body for AASHTO's various activities related to climate change. The steering committee members have two primary roles. First, they act as the focal point for the association on climate change policy issues, developing recommendations to the AASHTO Board of Directors on climate change policy development. Second, members provide oversight and guidance to AASHTO's Climate Change Technical Assistance Program.

The Technical Assistance Program is a voluntary, pooled fund program that provides timely information, tools, and technical assistance to assist AASHTO members in meeting the difficult challenges that arise from climate change. This program is a critical resource for state DOTs to prepare for climate change. It also provides the information state DOTs need to engage in and influence climate change legislation at both the state and federal levels.

The adaptation section of the Center's website provides links to international, national, regional, and state  transportation adaptation efforts,  publications and tools. The site also synthesizes federal climate change initiatives and climate change activities (mitigation and adaptation) by multi-state region, state, state DOTs, local governments, and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO).

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