TreeFlow is an online resource for tree-ring reconstructions of stream flow and climate. By providing a longer window into the past, tree-ring reconstructions describe the natural variability of climate (precipitation, drought) more completely than gaged records. While projected changes in precipitation may be uncertain in some area, projections for temperature changes due to climate change are highly useful and relevant when added to the range of natural flow variability seen in the reconstructions. These can then provide useful scenarios for future water management planning. While water resource professionals are the primary audience, many other sectors and disciplines may find the data useful.

Reconstructions are currently available for nine regions in the Western U.S. For each region, in addition to streamflow reconstructions and maps, additional information includes: other hydrologic reconstructions, information about regional workshops, and applications of the data in the region. The plan is to expand regional coverage to the entire nation.  Researchers and water providers are encouraged to contribute to TreeFlow. Additionally, development is underway for other hydrologic reconstruction resources, such as a network of Rocky Mountain snowpack reconstructions and North American monsoon reconstructions.

TreeFlow is a collaborative effort of researchers affiliated with two currently NOAA-funded Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessment (RISA) programs: Climate Assessment for the Southwest (CLIMAS) and the Western Water Assessment (WWA). The TreeFlow website is housed on a server at the University of Arizona.

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