Trends in Extreme Precipitation Events for the Northeastern United States 1948-2007

Based on the number and frequency of extreme precipitation events since the release of their 2005 report, entitled "Indicators of Climate Change in the Northeast," the authors sought to update information for this particular indicator in the Northeast, and apply more rigorous analysis to better enable local communities to take appropriate actions.

This study provides a quantitative understanding of the current trends in extreme precipitation for the Northeast in order to provide resource managers; municipal, county, state, and federal representatives; and other stakeholders with baseline information from which to prepare for and adapt to future climate change. The impacts of flooding since 2000 are described, including how the effects of extreme precipitation erodes the landscape, scours rivers, and carries pollutants in runoff into water sources. The bulk of the report is dedicated to understanding trends in extreme precipitation events, such as annual precipitation, one-, two-, and four-inch events, and recurrence levels.

Publication Date: March 2010

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