U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Cooperative Water Program

The U.S.Geological Survey (USGS) Cooperative Water Program is an ongoing partnership between the USGS and non-federal agencies to fund water-resources projects in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and several other U.S. Trust territories.

The Cooperative Water Program monitors and assesses water in every State, protectorate, and territory of the U.S. in partnership with nearly 1,600 local, State, and Tribal agencies. The Program aims to provide reliable, impartial, and timely information to those managing the nation's water resources.

Program resources are organized into the following areas: Water Availability and Use, Ecosystem Health, Water Quality and Drinking Water, Hazard Risk and Assessment, Energy, and Climate and Land Use Change. Examples of useful tools on the site include the flood inundation maps under the Hazard Risk and Assessment area, the StreamStats tool to measure streamflows under Water Availability.

If you have any trouble accessing the website link above, please find here an archived page. You may find this has limited use. https://web.archive.org/web/20161118081632/http://water.usgs.gov/coop/ 


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